At Foot in the Door Home Inspections, we value the relationships we create with our agents.

Serving AGENTS in the Hudson Valley Area.

Foot in the Door Home Inspections LLC - The most trusted name in home inspection.

The home inspection process, from the scheduling phone call to referencing the report after closing, is a major aspect in your client's satisfaction. At Foot in the Door Home Inspections, our goal is to provide you and your client the whole package and peace of mind. We have the knowledge, service and modern reports. We inspect, advise, and educate you during the home inspection through our knowledge, highly rated customer service, and our modern reporting software.

Foot in the Door Home Inspections is the best choice for your clients.


We are clear, honest, and keep our findings in perspective to your clients.


We handle online agreements, payments, and scheduling so you don't have to worry about it.


We make ourselves available to schedule online, by phone, or email.


We have your back with email and text reminders and follow-ups to you and your clients.


We produce the best modern report in the industry. It's clean and easy to read on any mobile device.


High-quality images in an HTML report so you can see what's important. Our full, visual report is delivered within 24 hours of the inspection.


Informational sections so you can learn about the home. We go through the report and findings with you and your client after the inspection.


Issues are pointed out with who to call for more information.


Our modern reports can be viewed on your phone or tablet.


Our reports feature a Repair Request Document generator for our agent partners. This helps agents quickly grab our language to copy/paste into their document to ask for repairs or concessions.

Modern Home Inspection Reports That Are Helpful

  1. A table of contents that jumps you to any section at any time.
  2. Text summary of defects to easily copy/paste into your Repair Addendum.
  3. Easy filters that only show you major safety hazards or defects.
  4. A simple summary that shows you how many items you need to be aware of.
  5. A PDF version of your report for saving or printing.

Introducing the Repair Request Builder from Foot in the Door Home Inspections

Foot in the Door Home Inspections Repair Request Builder allows our real estate agent partners to quickly select which of our recommendations to include in a custom report to send to the listing agent. At Foot in the Door Home Inspections, we truly value your partnership and want to do everything we can to service our mutual clients while making your job a little easier.

You get an HTML and PDF document that includes our language and allows you to enter in a requested credit amount and custom comments. Let us know if you have any questions!


You are buying peace of mind.